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Yup, that’s right, Mormon Boyz is a site with full contact games played all day long.

This role playing gay site needs little explanation as far as genre is concerned, it’s made clear by the site name but that does not by any means explain what exactly you can expect in this site. In fact, it creates many more questions. My reaction was: “What can these possible be getting up to that would be a turn-on” and it turns out that there is plenty.

These guys have quite clearly let their imaginations run completely free which makes it surprisingly easy for you to do the same with yours when you watch these scenes. What I thought would be a crock of shit is actually pretty damn good and if you like a bit of role playing then this should be especially exciting for you.

You can use this link for a discount of 65% off to Mormon Boyz where you can take up a one month pass or save as much as 65% on a yearly members subscription.

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