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Here’s a working discount to Helix Studios for 43% off where there are more batty boys behaving badly than… not.

If you’re straight then this is definitely not the site for you as it will, like any other gay site, make your stomach turn and revolt you to your core.

If you’re gay though then you might find yourself in heaven for every gay reason out there but also for the savings that can be had  with a membership to this site.

A 34% discount on a 30-day pass sees the membership fee to this site reduced to less than 20 bucks, which quite frankly you might think a little pricey still but you would make such an estimation without really having any idea of the calibre of the quality of this site. It’s a cut above the rest.

There is also a massive archive immediately available that would take you forever to get through as it is so you won’t ever be in a position where you have to wait for new content.

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Yup, that’s right, Mormon Boyz is a site with full contact games played all day long.

This role playing gay site needs little explanation as far as genre is concerned, it’s made clear by the site name but that does not by any means explain what exactly you can expect in this site. In fact, it creates many more questions. My reaction was: “What can these possible be getting up to that would be a turn-on” and it turns out that there is plenty.

These guys have quite clearly let their imaginations run completely free which makes it surprisingly easy for you to do the same with yours when you watch these scenes. What I thought would be a crock of shit is actually pretty damn good and if you like a bit of role playing then this should be especially exciting for you.

You can use this link for a discount of 65% off to Mormon Boyz where you can take up a one month pass or save as much as 65% on a yearly members subscription.

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It is no wonder that some women are bitching. Just look at this guy… I can’t find anything that’s even above average, he seems to be chiselled from a piece of perfect. And that smile of his and the way it lights up his eyes.

If ever you needed proof of how effective a smile is then surely this is it and it is no wonder that it is so highly recommended to smile when you introduce yourself and make eye contact. You really only get one first impression and if you take away from this pic how potent a smile can be then you’ll never forget to smile again to make the best first impression possible.

Hi s name is Dato Folan by the way, because I can already hear the screams begging for it so you can go perv out on more of his work.

He was born in Vladimir, Russia but currently resides in Madrid, Spain. I guess that bronze tan of his may already have hinted towards the Mediterranean.

Get Lucas Entertainment for up to 73% off with this discount and with it hundreds of models just as perfect as Dato.

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I don’t quite recall Mr. Miyagi ever meaning that you should wax your friend’s knob.

I can only guess it’s spring break else these chaps would be behind their books. Dedicated, diligent and disciplined to a fault.

Check out this impressive 50% off discount to Asian BF Videos. That percentage off the regular price means that your membership contribution is only $19.98 per month fixed for the remainder of your mortality. Inflation free.

If you don’t think that’s all that impressive, let one of the hunky Asian chaps explain it to you when you’re back in class.

The 429 Videos network, the production company responsible for Asian BF Videos also host another 16 or so porn sites that are pretty cool. It’s worth checking them out if you’re considering a subscription for the new year.

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So yeah, that happened… or rather, this is happening. You can save up to 67% off with an All Gay Sites Pass discount as they go ape-shit with the price cutting scissors. Check this out right; 12 hardcore network sites with more than 5,000 DVD’s alone, that’s not even counting the metric fuckton of scenes and images. A 67% discount wrecks the normal price and we can get this smorgasbord of cock-on-cock action for only $9.95.

Did I miss the memo declaring August as the gay porn pinata month or something. Another treasure found at the DiscountGayPorn.Club. Various gay niche sites discounted broke-back style, no lube… if you know what I mean… of course you do, they got fucked silly. Asian Action, Bears, Interracial, Latin Dudes. Perhaps too many spoilers already. Nah not possible, it’s a content mountain over there.

So, did they reduce the membership fees? No they rectum… get it? OK, I’ll see myself out then.


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